International Adoption

Children’s Adoption Services international adoption programs are based in Armenia and Bulgaria, China, Ghana and Haiti, Moldova, South Korea, and Uganda.  As always, we encourage all families to explore, and learn more about the benefits of international adoption!


The first step is to sign up for more information about international adoption and learn the steps you need for this new journey!  This will help you when it comes time to make a decision about adoption.  Next, we encourage families to schedule a consultation and discuss your individual hopes, expectations, and needs.  Our team at Carolina Adoption Services are always available to assist you and your family throughout the adoption process. Sign up for more information.

Learn more about obtaining citizenship for an adopted child HERE.


CAS has one of the oldest adoption programs in Armenia. Armenia offers a wonderful child-center adoption program in which families interact with their children between trips. This is a great…

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Bulgarian agencies and the Ministry of Justice provide updated, comprehensive information about each child to prospective adoptive families and to families matched with a child. The children in Bulgaria have…

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Program Highlights: The China program is one of Children’s Adoption Services’ oldest programs. Ever since China opened its doors to international adoption, it has remained one of the top sending…

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Children’s Adoption Services is the first international adoption agency approved in Ghana under the Hague Convention! At this time, our pilot program is almost at capacity. Once the program reaches…

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Children Available: Children available for adoption in Haiti are aged 1 year or older at the time of referral, sibling groups, older children (6+), and children with special needs. Children…

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Carolina Adoption Services will work with you to prepare and submit your dossier. When completed, the estimated wait time can range from 2-9+ months. The Ministry of Health, Labour and…

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South Korea

Family and Children’s Agency and Children’s Adoption Services work together to assist each family through their adoption process. CAS provides home study and post-adoption services as well as ongoing support with the…

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Children’s Adoption Services has a reputable network of partner orphanages and in-country representatives across Uganda. Few African countries are open for international adoption. The adoptive families are in-country together, giving…

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