The Foster to Forever Family is dedicated to permanent placement for children who are living in foster care.

Children’s Adoption Services Foster to Forever Family program is dedicated to permanent families for children and youth who are living in the foster care system.  You will be part a child’s journey to a forever family through your service in the CAS Foster to Forever program. Foster to Forever opportunities include:

  1. Growing your family through fostering to adopt
  2. Serve in the forever family program through supporting reunification of children with their families of origin.  Be the link back to their family for a forever journey!
  3. Support Kinship family systems in the adoption process. Clinical supports to aide in navigating the interchanging family relationships and unique challenges of kinship care with permanency plans of reunification to birth family member or adoption.
  4. Forever Family Support Foster Homes will provide short term care for respite, crisis and stabilization placement services for children and youth as an integral part of their permanency plan.  (volunteer and standard foster model)
  5. Serve as a mentor to older youth aging out of care.  Make a commitment to an integral part of the life of a young person transitioning to adulthood. Everyone needs someone to lean on in their journey.

Our mission is to build connections for children and youth to thrive in Forever Families. This program will connect children and youth seeking a place to belong, a family to trust and an inspiration to hope again to families prepared to support their most successful futures.  Call CAS today to foster differently! Whether long term foster to adoption, reunification or short-term fostering to support the Forever Family plan – CAS is seeking the unique, dedicated child

We do this through encouragement, building trust and attachment to bring a sense of belonging.

This extremely rewarding experience gives a child the stability and love when they need it most, and hopefully grows toward permanency.

- What to Expect -

  • Families will complete the application online so we can pair you with a licensed clinical counselor to begin your journey.
  • Once your application packet has been reviewed, if there are no concerns, you may receive an invitation to participate in the next scheduled training session. This training is mandatory for all potential caregivers, both spouses (if applicable).
  • One of our family specialist (home study worker) will meets with you and your family household members.
  • The local Health and Fire Departments will inspect your home for compliance with your county’s health and safety/standards.
  • Background checks will be completed by each adult household member (18 years and older)
  • The Family Development Specialist will discuss additional topics addressed in training. She/he also will meet with references provided by you.
  • At the conclusion of the training and the home visits, you, your family, and our team will make the decision as to whether you are prepared to meet the challenges of foster and/or adoptive parenting.