Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy can feel overwhelming but you don’t have to face it alone. CALL or TEXT or our Choices Team at (336) 483-4081. Our services are completely confidential and free of charge for expectant mothers.

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We are committed to making each adoption experience completely individual for each adoptive family and birth family.

I'm Pregnant

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy can feel overwhelming. You don’t have to face it alone.

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Carolina Adoption Services provides a variety of adoption services and support for its families.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the adoption process?

The adoption process begins with a home study.  Carolina Adoption Services (CAS) is fully licensed and accredited to provide adoption home study services in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Click here to learn more.

What other services does Children's Adoption Services offer?

Children’s Adoption Services offers a variety of services related to domestic and international adoptions.  We are here with you every step of the way throughout the process and guide you and your family in this journey!  CLICK HERE  to learn more.

How would I retrieve Adoption Files from a previous adoption with CAS

How would I retrieve Adoption Files from a previous adoption with CAS

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Families spend time preparing and educating themselves for the journey of adoption. It can be a long journey and having a strong support system can be extremely helpful!

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Our Adoption Story: I Knew It Was You

Each adoption story is as unique as the families and child, or children involved in the adoption. Each step, from recognizing the call to the type of adoption to the legalities, paperwork, and time of waiting is unique…

Paperwork of Love

How do you get through the waiting?” a client asked me after I told her I had also adopted and tried to encourage her in her long list of paperwork to do’s.

What to Do in the Waiting: Gather Books for Bonding

You close the door after the social worker leaves and the last home visit is done! This is a time to celebrate the huge feat of completing a home study showing you are ready to adopt a child. So, what do you do next while you wait for a referral?

Wishing & Waiting

Do you remember hoping for a family when you were at the orphanage?

My daughter looked up at me, over her waffles and answered, “Yes. I remember sitting on the bed, looking out the window at the stars and wishing for a family.”