Children’s/Carolina Adoption Services is proud to provide families in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia with post-placement and post-adoption services and resources!

What are Post- Placement and Post-Adoption Services?

                  • Once you and your child come home, you are in the post-placement or post-adoption phase of your adoption! You and your family will meet with an adoption worker at various times to make sure that they are adjusting well. The scheduled meetings vary depending on the placing agency, the state, and the requirements of your child’s birth country/state.


CAS is here to help you fulfill your post-placement or post-adoption requirements in a timely manner and support you as you welcome your new child into the family.


When you come home with a new child, your whole world changes. CAS is here to support you with any and all possible surprises – whether it’s your first child or your fifth!


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What to expect

Importance of Post-Adoption

  • Post-Placement/Post-Adoption visits give families the opportunity to work with a knowledgeable professional to get the supports they need to better ensure a successful adoption.  Post-Placement reports in domestic adoptions are critical for the finalization process.  For international adoption,  countries depend on these post-placement/post-adoption reports to verify that their children are being taken care of. Countries have been known to close their adoption programs due to late reports or non-compliance with reporting.
  • Once you are placed with your child, either through domestic or international adoption, it is essential that this phase be completed diligently, both for your child’s benefit and for the continued existence of the adoption programs.

Finalization and Re-Adoption

  • Children’s /Carolina Adoption services supports families through the process of legally finalizing their child’s adoption or re-finalizing the adoption in their state of residence.  Re-finalizing also known as re-adoption or domestication, is the process of taking an adoption that was fully finalized in a child’s country of origin and finalizing it for a second time in a U.S.-based court. Carolina Adoption Services recommends that all families who have adopted internationally also finalize the adoption in their state of residence.

If you need help or support, we are here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are feeling overwhelmed.

If you feel that this is a true emergency situation, please contact 911.

Access to Resources

When you come home with a new child, your whole world will change. While we encourage families to prepare for and educate themselves as much as possible prior to their adoption, we also know that a new child will always bring surprises – whether it’s your first child or your fifth!  Circumstances like unexpected medical needs, unexplainable tantrums, eating issues, can be a normal part of a child’s adjustment and may not be indicative of a serious problem, but that does not mean that you have to figure out your next steps alone. Here are some other issues that our professional staff can help you with if needed:

    • Bonding and attachment
    • Home and life management
    • Sleep
    • Post-Adoption Depression
    • Educational Resources
    • Paperwork and Documentation