Adopting in Ecuador

Children Available for Adoption:
• Children ages 4 years and older and older at time of referral. All children are school-aged
• Sibling Groups
• Children with special needs

Parental Requirements:
• Heterosexual Married couples at least 25 years and married for more than 3 years
• Single individuals (men and women)
• At least 14 years older than the youngest parent and child but no more than 45 years
• Parents must be willing to learn basic Spanish
• Additional educational training requirements (outside of USCIS requirements)
• No major current or past health concerns

9-24 months from submission of dossier to completion

Travel Requirements: 1 trip about 8-10 weeks long; only one parent must remain in country for the entirety of the trip

Central Adoption Authority: Autoridad Central del Ecuador en Materia de Adopciones Internacionales