Adopting in Haiti

Children Available for Adoption:

Children are aged 1 year or older at the time of referral, sibling groups, older children (6+), and children with special needs. CAS specializes in relative adoptions from Haiti.

Parent Requirements: Couples, ages 30-50, who have been married at least 5 years. For couples, only one parent must be 30 years old. Single women, age 35-50.

Travel Requirements: Two trips to Haiti. The first trip is 2 weeks, the second trip is 3-5 days.

Adoption Timeline:
24-plus months from dossier submission to match to a child
12-16 months from match until finalization

Haiti Program Highlights

  • Close proximity to the US and the potential for families to make multiple trips to Haiti while waiting for the adoption to be finalized.
  • Available children are 6 months and older at the time of referral and in good overall health.
  • Re-accredited by IBESR in 2016 and have had a long-standing program in the country.