Children Available from Foster Care

Children’s Adoption Services program supports families seeking adoption of children currently in foster care where parental rights have been legally terminated. This program is for families seeking adoption of legally free child(ren) or youth who are awaiting a forever family. We serve families from NC, SC, and VA in this program.

Becoming an Adoptive Parent From Foster Care

You can make a difference as a family foster parent or an adoptive parent. Send us an email or call, 336-275-9660 x308

Becoming an Adoptive Parent from Foster Care:
You can make a difference as an adoptive parent! Send us an email or call, 336-275-9660 x308

  • Complete pre-application. Register Here!
  • A CAS professional will contact you to plan your next steps
  • Training is offered through HOM and Heartfelt Calling
  • The placement process will begin

The greatest need at this time is for families who will open their hearts and their homes for children older than 10 years old and sibling groups!

At CAS we have an exciting opportunity! We have partnered with the SC Department of Social Services to advocate for waiting children in SC. These children have been in the child welfare system for far too long and need a family to say YES to love, support, and encourage them. Our adoption – From Foster to Forever program is a streamlined way to adopt from the foster care system with our dedicated team.

Estimated Fees:

    • $2,000 – domestic home study for all adoption programs
    • $600 – reimbursement on home study fee through Adoption – From Foster to Forever program