Meet James known as “Kasey”, a ball of energy who ensures you will never be bored when you are around him! Kasey is a sweet and affectionate young man. He enjoys being social, is fun loving and a self-described Jokester who is always the life of the party.  Kasey has a great sense of humor, loves to tell jokes and make people laugh. When Kasey isn’t watching WWE or one of his favorite shows on TV, he can be found playing games. It doesn’t matter if it is card games or board games; Kasey is always on the lookout for someone to sit down and play a game with him. Kasey does well in school, is inquisitive and enjoys learning new things. Family is important to Kasey and he enjoys the opportunity to spend time with his older siblings. Kasey is looking for a family that would allow him to remain in contact with his siblings.  He also enjoys attending church.  Kasey is legally free for adoption but does not wish to be placed outside the state of South Carolina.