McKinzey, who goes by Bella is looking for a forever family to call her own. Bella hopes for a mother and would be happy with a father figure as well. Bella loves animals and pets, especially cats, and is hoping for a home that has pets or is open to welcoming pets in the future. Bella would like a sibling around the same age or younger as Bella really blossoms when put into a caretaking or guiding role around peers her age or a little bit younger. Bella is hopeful for a Mom who likes to cook. Some of Bella’s favorite things include: watching The Decedents, playing with friends and animals, playing on her electronic devices, as well as with her toys. Bella is extremely intelligent, and would benefit from a family that is willing to help foster her intelligence and positive qualities into the right direction through an abundance of love and care. Bella enjoys helping around the house with various projects. Bella also enjoys “girly things” like dresses and playing around with makeup for fun. Bella is extremely good at working with technology. When a device is in need of repair or set up, Bella employs critical thinking skills to get whatever she is working on up and running. Bella is hopeful to find a family that loves and supports her.