Start the Adoption Journey in 3 Simple Steps

Do you dream of what holidays would be like with a child in your home? Maybe you have been considering adoption, but you’re unsure of the first step to take. If so, this post is perfect for you. Starting your adoption journey doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Work your way through the steps below and make your dream of adoption a beautiful reality!


1) Research Our Adoption Programs

Children need forever families here in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and around the world. At our agency, we advocate for children near and far. Since we have a variety of different adoption programs, we can find out about your family first and then suggest which program may be best suited to you. For example, a family who has a heart to welcome a child from another culture and make that culture a part of their home is a great candidate for international adoption. On the contrary, a family who has adopting an infant on their heart would want to find out about our Choices Program, which matches expecting parents who have decided to place their baby for adoption with our prospective adoptive families. We invite you to research our programs here on our website,: Domestic, International or Foster to Adopt. After researching our website, please sign up for a free 15 minute consultation with one of our expert staff members to answer your questions!


2) Fill out a Pre-application

Your next step is to fill out the Pre-application which can be found here. This online form will give our team the initial information needed for you to be approved to begin your adoption journey with our agency. Sometimes our staff will ask additional questions during this step to determine if extra documentation is needed on the next step in your adoption journey. We value getting to know our families and communicating closely during the process, so expect a telephone call once your pre-application is submitted and reviewed.


3) Complete a Home Study

Once your pre-application has been approved, you can officially begin your adoption journey through our agency, which means you will start what is called a home study. This part of the adoption journey is what we call the “Labor of Love.” It will take anywhere from four to nine months to complete, depending on how quickly your family can put in the work required. During your home study, you will be asked to gather many important documents and take a valuable online adoption or foster care training course. Once this is completed, a licensed social worker employed by our agency will make scheduled visits to your home and with your family. Once the visits are completed, the social worker will write up an extensive report called a Home Study. When the home study is approved by our agency, you will be approved and ready to welcome a child into your home!


Like any journey in life, the first step of adoption takes courage and intentionality. Here at Children’s/Carolina Adoption Services, we encourage you to explore the possibility of parenting a child who needs a loving family! We are here to guide you every step of the way. Make 2024 the year you take the first step in bringing a precious child into your home!