Our family adopted our son when he was just 3 days old. Like so many adoptive families, when we share our adoption story, we always get the question “How long did you have to wait before being matched with him? “. This certainly is a valid question. In the soul-searching process of determining if adoption is right for you and your family, this is a factor that is an important consideration. Dependent upon which adoption avenue one takes. Many people are very surprised to learn that there are actually children fully eligible, waiting and hoping for a forever family in many states and specifically in South Carolina.

There are over 180 children currently eligible for adoption from foster care in South Carolina. For many reasons, these children’s primary caregivers have lost parental rights, leaving them without a family to go through life with. Many of them reside in foster homes or residential homes facing uncertainty about their future. Their ages range between 7 to 18 years old. Statistically, children that are given a forever home verses those that “age out” in foster care will excel relationally, professionally, and developmentally in ways that those going into the world alone will not.

There is healing in family. There is safety and security in knowing you have someone to spend a holiday with, someone to help prepare you for your first job interview, learn to cook with, acquire family traditions through…Does this speak to your heart? At Children’s/Carolina Adoption Services we have the avenues to connect these children with forever families through a unique contract with South Carolina DSS to help find these children forever homes. If you have any thoughts that this may be a calling for you, we encourage you to reach out. You can also learn more by clicking this link Adoption from Foster Care. Through this link you will also find dates for upcoming interest meetings. You can email inquiries to our Foster Care staff at foster@carolinaadoption.org. Our professional and experienced staff would be honored to walk alongside you in this journey.