Names/Ages: Maya (13), Carrie (11), Myles (9), Ophelia (4)

Area: Latin America

Interests: Drawing, Painting, Sports, Playing with toys


Maya, Carrie, Myles, and Ophelia are a healthy sibling group of 4 looking for a forever family! They dream of being adopted together and Maya, Carrie, and Myles are even learning English so that they can better communicate with their future adoptive parents!

Maya is a sweet and hard working 13 year old. The oldest in a sibling group of 4, she loves spending time with her siblings and dreams of a family that will adopt them together. She gets along with other children and adults and does well in school where she receives support from tutors. Maya’s favorite colors are black and white and her favorite food is hot dogs! Maya loves spending her time watching anime shows and drawing.

Carrie is 11 years old and is described as being extroverted and sociable. She is very close to her older sister, Maya and loves spending time with her siblings. Her favorite color is pink and she loves to watch the Little Mermaid. Her favorite food is pizza and enjoys painting in her free time!

Myles is 9 years old and is described as very sweet and dedicated. He loves spending time with friends and is very close to his siblings. His favorite sport is basketball and his favorite colors are red and yellow. He enjoys going to school and his favorite subjects include language and math. He is described as being very respectful to both his peers and teachers.

Ophelia is 4 is a sweet 4 year old girl who is very close to her 3 older siblings. Her favorite color is red and she loves playing with dolls and toy cars. Her favorite food is currently soup!