Names: Marissa (7) and Avery (9)

Region: Eastern Europe

Interests: Music, Singing, Dancing, books, cartoons

Marissa and Avery are two sweet sisters in need of a loving forever family. Marissa is 7 years old and is described as “smiling and radiant”. She loves playing with toys, spending time with her caregivers, listening to music, singing and dancing, and receiving hugs. Marissa is working on developing her speech skills and can follow simple instructions and speak in short sentences. Avery is 9 years old and like her sister, loves playing with toys, singing, dancing, and doing any activities that involve music. She is described as energetic and smiling and loves to spend time with her sister. Marissa and Avery share a special bond and would thrive in a loving family that can provide them with attention and additional support.