How do you get through the waiting?” a client asked me after I told her I had also adopted and tried to encourage her in her long list of paperwork to do’s.

“Stay focused on the task in front of you. Each step gets you closer to that final step you will take when you bring your child through the door of your home.”

Like most adventures in life, beginning the adoption journey is exciting as you start climbing the mountain of paperwork and funding. It is an arduous hike, but if you keep moving forward one form at a time you will finally reach the top of the paperwork trail.

Think of each form you fill out as a labor or love for the little one who’s growing in your heart. Each click of the mouse on the computer, each phone call made to get your security clearances, each word typed and each stroke of your pen to sign the dotted line says, “I love you” in the language of adoption.
This labor of love is different than the labor your precious one’s birth mother goes through, but it is a labor of great love as well. This labor is an extremely intentional and persistent process that you will tell your child about one day.
That day you will look into their eyes and tell them how much you wanted them.
You will show them the pages and pages of paperwork you would fill out again and again if it was what it took to make sure they were yours.
That day, they will feel the love of a parent who went the distance to bring them home. And it will be worth the work, and the wait.
Here at Children’s/Carolina Adoption Services, we walk closely with you through each step of the paperwork and encourage you when it feels too tough to keep going. You can do it, we’re here to help!
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Written by Amy Terry
Family Engagement Specialist