The Path to International Adoption

When you select Carolina Adoption to work with you in your international adoption, we pair you with one of our international adoption specialists, who will serve as a guide every step of the way.

Selecting a Country. Your international adoption specialist will guide you as you select an adoptive country, familiarizing you with the different criteria for each. You’ll have help you as you gather paperwork and submit documentation. At Carolina Adoption, we have a special online portal to streamline and simplify the process.

The Home Study. All of our countries require that you have a home study before you can adopt a child. With the home study, one of our staff social workers will have a series visit with you in your home. You’ll be asked questions about your family history, health, and financial position. During this time, we’ll make very sure that all your paperwork is in order so that you won’t run into snags later on.

Being Matched with a Child. One your home study is approved, you will begin the process of being matched with your child. We will first work with you to assemble a file called a dossier that contains your home study and all supporting documentation. Once your dossier is accepted, you will be sent information on a particular child.

Being matched with your child is understandably a very emotional time. You can count on our support as you review child family history, medical and developmental issues, and make a decision.

Required Travel. Every country requires at least two trips to meet your child. We have Foreign Supervised Providers in each country that we work with very closely, and we are very intentional about making these visits as smooth as possible for our adopting families.  During the second visit, you will finalize the adoption and many times you will bring your child back to United States with your family.

Coming Home. A child’s homecoming is a time of overwhelming joy and love. There are also challenges and the inevitable paperwork. Your team at Carolina Adoption will be here as your forever family grows in the days, months, and years ahead.