Loving Maria

Every day is a gift as we opened our hearts to the adventure and journey of adoption
We recently sat down with Sarah & Jeremy to talk about the impact of adopting a child with Down syndrome has had on their family, and the joy this “little firecracker” Maria has brought to their lives.
Maria was adopted as an infant with the notion that she may never be able to hear or walk. “It is gut-wrenching to think that she was labeled this way” said Sarah her mom.  With the circumstances she started out with she could have been institutionalized without ever having the ability to live her life and seek her dreams.
“Now almost 7, this bundle of energy blows us away constantly with her joyful perseverance and ability to make anything a fun time! She can read, play basketball and soccer, ride her bike, roller-skate, brush her teeth, write her name, sing and play on her guitar, feed our dog and take him on walks, is potty-trained, and loves to help Mom crack eggs for breakfast” added Jeremy.
Maria has 4 big brothers.  She loves giving out hugs to all and can bring a smile or laugh to everyone around her. She has given the  boys the opportunity to live out what it means to truly love, value, include, and cheer on others who may never accomplish what the world values most in terms of education, career, athletic performance, and social influence. A full life is about so much more, and Maria has helped remind us all of that.
Sarah shared that during a soccer game, Maria noticed a little boy on the other team who suddenly stood on the field, refusing to play and looking very upset. She went up beside him and appeared to be giving him an encouraging pep talk. She even ran to pick up the ball, which was in play, and brought it over to him. The entire audience was so impacted by her kindness and concern for him. She resolutely stood by his side with one hand on his shoulder, so he would not feel alone as he continued to stand sadly for the balance of the game. We found out later that his father had died recently and he was having a rough day. He was so thankful for this new friend, and after the game came over to give Maria a hug and tell her thank you.
“The world can learn so much from Maria and her friends also diagnosed with Down syndrome. They are unashamed to love and care for others in need and make for the truest of friends”
It is so fun to be a part of Maria’s life, learning everyday and enjoying all she brings to our family, as we know that this could have all been missed had we not chosen to take the unfamiliar and intimidating road to adopt. Sadly that it is reality for many children around the world. A family with love and hope can change absolutely everything for these children.
All life is precious and worthy of love and a family, and we pray that more families open their hearts to the adventure and journey of adoption.
Maria is an absolute blessing to our lives and to all who know her!