Carolina – ABC adoption services has been providing home study services for families in VA since 1993. We have highly experienced, professional home study workers across the state to assist you in your domestic or international adoption. We work with families adopting through our agency as well as families working towards a placement with other agencies around the country. Our goal is to help your dreams of family come true through adoption


How long will my home study take?

A home study will take approximately 3 months from assignment of social worker to finalization.

How much will my home study cost?

The cost of a home study is dependent on the requirements of the adoption program. For general fees click here.


What items will I need for my Home Study?

Specific requirements for home studies vary by placement country and agency. The following items are commonly required during the home study process (note this is a general list):

  • Birth certificates for every family living in your home
  • Marriage certificate(s)
  • Divorce decree(s)
  • Recent color photo of each member of the family
  • Recent color photo of the exterior of the home, front and back
  • Military discharge (if applicable)
  • Pet shot records from Veterinarian
  • Proof of life insurance coverage
  • Proof of health insurance coverage
  • Most recent tax return

What questions can I expect during my home study?

Be expected to answer questions about your background, education, job history, marriage, leisure activities, faith, beliefs and experiences with children.

  • What is your family like, and how will you integrate a new child into it? How will your extended family treat an adopted child?
  • How is your marriage? How do you make decisions, resolve conflicts, and express your feelings?
  • Why do you want to adopt?
  • Where is your neighborhood in relation to shopping centers, medical centers, and schools?
  • Are you familiar with different types of discipline techniques?
  • What was your family like when you were growing up? How were you raised? Are you close to your parents?