Sign up now and participate in our “Going the Distance for Adoption” challenge!  This challenge a staff challenge, and we would love if you participated.

We challenge you to set a number of miles you want to walk during the month of October. Once you have your goal set share with friends, share on your social media, share with family, share with anyone! Anyone can donate to your walk. Lastly, walk those miles!

How will this work?


  • Kaitlyn set a goal to walk 100 miles throughout the month of October
  • She shared her challenge on Instagram, Facebook, messaged her friends, and her family!
  • Her friend pledged $1 per mile ($100)
  • Her dad pledged $0.25 per mile ($25)
  • Her cousin pledged $0.75 per mile ($75)
  • Kaitlyn raised $200 during her walk-a-thon
  • Her total is actually $400 because all her donations were doubled!
  • She walked her miles, and the money was donated to CAS

Be part of the change and join the Going the Distance for Adoption Challenge!  Sing up using the link below!

We are going to support our children and families through this fundraiser.