Birth Family

The Carolina Adoption Services domestic adoption program, CHOICES, is our most recent program addition. Available to North Carolina residents, this program is designed for families seeking to grow their family by adopting a child born in the United States, whose birth parent(s) are voluntarily consenting to the adoption.

  • We are committed to making each adoption experience completely individual based on the preferences, wishes, and needs of each adoptive family and birth family.  Families in this program will work closely with the CHOICES Coordinator to develop their matching preferences (level of openness, race, family health history, gender, risk factors, etc.). Expectant mothers and CHOICES adoptive families are matched based on mutual preferences.  In most cases, families will get to meet before the baby is born and get to know each other.  Based on mutual matching preferences, the CHOICES Coordinator will work with the birth family and the adoptive family to design a post placement contact plan for the type and frequency of contact that is desired by both families.
  • Most children available for adoption through this program are infants, though on occasion, there may be older children and/or sibling groups.
  • The children available for adoption through the CHOICES program are local, born (or residing) in North Carolina or South Carolina.
  • All expectant mothers apply and are vetted prior to admission to the CHOICES program. Adoptive families are given full disclosure of all available information related to the adoption and the baby.

Adoption is a life-long journey and we are committed to advocating for the best experience for each member of the adoption: the child, the adoptive family, and the birth family.