Name/Age: Ivy (13), Marcus (16), Tara (9)

Area: Eastern Europe

Interests: Reading, Drawing, School, group games


Ivy, Marcus, and Tara are a sociable and friendly sibling group that desires to be adopted together.

Ivy is described as being positive, cheerful and considerate. She makes friends quickly and enjoys group games and activities. Ivy also enjoys reading, drawing, and going to school. Her favorite subjects in school include math, language, literature, and English.








Marcus is described as being hardworking, attentive, and polite. He enjoys helping out with chores around the house and in the yard. He gets along well with others and works very hard in school.








Tara is described as being very positive and cheerful. She is very sociable and also enjoys group games and activities, as well as reading and drawing. Her favorite subjects in school include math and language, and she also enjoys participating in extracurricular activities like sports. Ivy, March, and Tara are very close to each other and hope to find a loving family of their own that has room in their home and heart for each of them!