Name: Georgia

Region: Eastern Europe

Age: 10

Interests: dolls, jigsaw puzzles, playing outside

Georgia is a very intelligent and active 10 year old girl who has been waiting over 4 years for her forever family. She loves playing outside at the beach, on the slides and swings at the playground, riding her scooter, and running. Georgia is also very creative and loves to color and draw. Her favorite colors are orange, yellow and green. Some of Georgia’s other favorite activities are playing with dolls and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Georgia is currently in the third grade and enjoys going to school where she has many friends. She is very curious and loves to ask questions and learn new things. Georgia receives support from a resource teacher and her teachers report that she is doing well in school. Georgia has a diagnosis of mild cognitive disability, speech delay, and a behavior disorder that is managed with medication. Despite her diagnosis, Georgia has made huge strides and has so much potential!

Georgia currently lives with a foster family and she enjoys helping her foster mother cook and do chores around the home. Her favorite foods include meatball soup, pomelos, and homemade fruit juices, though she is not a picky eater. Georgia also loves animals and enjoys feeding her foster family’s dogs and cats.

Georgia dreams of being adopted and hopes that “soon mommy and daddy will come.” Georgia has so much love to give and would thrive in a loving family that enjoys going to the beach, playing outside, and being creative. If you are interested in adopting Georgia, please contact us today!