Name: Denver

Region: Eastern Europe

Age: 15

Interests: woodworking, dogs, history

Denver is a healthy and sociable 15 year old boy looking for his forever family! One of Denver’s favorite hobbies is wood carving, which he says he learned from his grandfather. He loves carving small figures using his pocket knife and would really enjoy the opportunity to take a wood carving class. Denver also enjoys school and says his favorite subjects are physical education, history, and geography. He says he enjoys learning from his teacher because he tells funny jokes and interesting stories. Denver has many friends and enjoys wrestling, watching Tik Tok videos, and going on walks with them. He gets along well with his peers as well as the adults in his life. Denver also loves dogs and dreams of having his own dog to care for and play with. Denver wants to be adopted and have a family to call his own. If your family is creative, loves dogs, and has room in your heart for this sweet 13 year old boy, please contact us today!