Names: Hank, Reese, and Ashley

Region: Eastern Europe

Ages: 16 (Hank), 14 (Reese), 10 (Ashley)

Interests: spending time outside, cooking, playing games, animals


Hank, Reese, and Ashley are a sibling group of three from Eastern Europe and are described as sweet and friendly.


Hank is in 10th grade and enjoys going to his school which specializes in food technology. His favorite subject is Math and he dreams of being a chef and opening his own restaurant when he is older. Some of this favorite things to cook include soups and cakes. When he is not cooking, Hank enjoys playing soccer, watching videos on his phone, riding his bike, and listening to rap music. Hank is described as very responsible and kind.

Reese is very sociable and is in the 8th grade where she is majoring in “Forestry Mechanics”. She does well in school and even received a scholarship! In her free time, Reese enjoys playing hide and seek and volleyball, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and watching Tik Tok and Youtube videos. Reese is good with animals and helps takes care of her foster family’s dogs, horses, pigs, and hens. She is described as very smart and kind and her favorite foods are sweets. When asked about the future, Reese shared that she dreams of having her own family.

Ashley, the youngest of the three siblings, is described as very charming and diligent. She is currently in the fourth grade and does very well. Her favorite subjects at school are Music and English. She loves learning and is described as showing great leadership skills! When she grows up, Ashley dreams of being a doctor. In her free time, Ashley enjoys playing hide and seek and tag, riding her sister’s bike, and reading. She also loves watching cartoons and her favorite show is Sponge Bob. Ashley’s favorite foods include cookies, sweets, and cabbage.

Hank, Ashley, and Reese are very close and desire to have a loving family to call their own. If your family has room for this sibling set of three and enjoys cooking, playing games, and spending time outside, please contact Carolina Adoption Services today!