I joined the CAS team in March of 2018 and have helped launch various programs at the agency. I have extensive experience working with children and families in international settings. My passion for adoption began as a young teenager when I was exposed to the vast amount of orphaned children around the world. I believe that every child deserves a forever home with a loving and caring family. I am excited to be alongside families who are beginning the process of welcoming a child into their home. I am involved with several international nonprofit organizations and have also spent time doing mission work overseas.

I am a dedicated and passionate person who is eager to serve families on their adoption journey. My experience in Africa includes living and serving in Uganda as a ministry social worker and traveling the United States for a year with a group of ten Ugandan children and two Ugandan adults with the Ugandan Kids Choir.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time at the beach, exercising, and attending country music concerts. I also love doing crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles as a method of relaxation. I was a cheerleader at East Carolina University and now, you can find me cheering on the Pirates at football and baseball games throughout the year from the stands. I love being the “cheerleader” for our adoptive families through the journey of adoption, as it is such a beautiful one! In March 2023, I adopted my dog, Lulu, who is my greatest blessing thus far! Lulu enjoys spending time at the CAS office as the CAS staff members are her extended family!

Bachelor of Social Work- East Carolina University

Master of Social Work- East Carolina University