Benefits/Importance of Post-Adoption

Post-adoption gives families the opportunity to work with a knowledgeable professional to get the supports they need to better ensure a successful adoption.  Countries depend on these reports to verify that their children are being taken care of and have been known to close their adoption programs due to late reports non-compliance.  Once you are home, it is essential that this phase be completed diligently, both for your own benefit and for the continued existence of the program.

Finalization and Re-Adoption

Finalization is the process of documenting your child’s adoption in your state of residence.  Re-adoption, also known as re-finalization or domestication, is the process of taking an adoption that was fully finalized in a child’s country of origin, and finalizing it for a second time in a U.S.-based court. Carolina Adoption Services recommends that all families who have adopted internationally also finalize the adoption in their state of residence. Learn more about the benefits of re-adoption here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Carolina Adoption Services is happy to provide families in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia with post-adoption services and support throughout your period of supervision and beyond!

New Families

If you have recently moved into North Carolina, South Carolina, or Virginia, Carolina Adoption Services is happy to partner with you to fulfil your remaining post-adoption requirements. You can apply for Post-Adoption Only services on our website to get started!

Families already working with CAS for a home study and/or placement do not need to apply separately for post-adoption services.

What is Post-Adoption?

After you and your child come home, you will enter the post-adoption phase of your adoption. This means that you will be settling in as a new family, <something warm about attachment>, and meeting any post-adoption obligations that you have for your state or country. CAS is here to help you fulfill your post-adoption requirements and support you as you welcome your new child into your home.

You will meet with a social worker at scheduled intervals to make sure that you are adjusting well. Your post-adoption schedule will vary depending on your placing agency and the state or country of your child’s birth. These reports must be completed on schedule to ensure full compliance for your adoption. Often, if Children’s Adoption Services completed your home study, you will continue to work with the same social worker for your post-adoption services.

If CAS completed your home study, make sure to let us know when you arrive home to get everything set up for post-adoption!

Contact Post-Adoption Services

If You Need Help or Support

If you need help or support, we are here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact <person> if you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure of your next steps….

If you feel that this is a true emergency situation, please contact <emergency services> <similar to what counselors have on their voicemails>