Paying for Your Adoption

“How much does adoption cost?” is one of the questions we hear most frequently from families who come to Carolina Adoption Services. Adoption costs vary, but it is not something you have to shoulder alone. Families have several options when it comes to financing and funding their adoption. In our four-part Paying for Your Adoption series, learn about key sources in helping to cover your adoption costs.

Adoption Grants

Some organizations offer adoption grants to help you fund your adoption. Grants are available based on a variety of different criteria and the amounts gifted will vary. Families are generally encouraged to apply once they have an approved home study.

Below are organizations that families have had success with in the past. These are not affiliated with Children’s Adoption Services and are subject to change. Review them all to see which may be the right fit for your family and learn how to apply.


This list is not exhaustive and new grant organizations are always appearing. If you know of other places that are not on our list, let us know so we can share with others!