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Consider adopting a Waiting Child, a child who longs for a loving forever family.

Are you searching for a meaningful adoption opportunity? Consider adopting a Waiting Child, a child who longs for a loving forever family. These children, identified by their country’s central adoption authority as needing immediate adoption, are ready to be matched with adoptive families. Waiting Children often include those with medical special needs or are part of sibling groups.

At our agency, we collaborate closely with our international partners who share invaluable information about these Waiting Children. This collaboration helps us find the perfect forever family for each child in need.

How does the adoption process for a Waiting Child differ from a traditional adoption?

The key distinction lies in the timeline. Adoptive families pursuing a Waiting Child experience a significantly faster process as matching occurs more promptly. Moreover, families have the advantage of learning about a Waiting Child before submitting their paperwork to the country, unlike traditional adoptions where such information becomes available only after the dossier submission.

What is the next step towards adopting a Waiting Child?

If you’re interested in learning more about one of our Waiting Children, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! Families with valid and approved home studies can have the child’s file reviewed by our team. For those without a valid and approved home study, we’re more than happy to discuss the necessary steps for your family to proceed.

Embark on this extraordinary journey and make a lasting difference in a child’s life. Contact us now Toll Free: (800) 632-9312 and take the next step and begin the process of welcoming a Waiting Child into your loving forever family.


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