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Have you been considering international adoption? Children’s Adoption Services’ international adoption programs are based in Armenia, Bulgaria, China, Ghana, Haiti, Moldova, South Korea, and Uganda. We encourage all families to explore and learn more about the benefits of international adoption!

We have been helping children find their forever homes for 25+ years & since 1993, have placed over 5,000 children. Our vision is to create opportunities for every child to grow and develop in a loving, caring, and safe environment.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your individual hopes, expectations, and needs. Our team at Children’s Adoption Services is available to assist you and your family throughout every step of the adoption process.

Countries We Serve

We serve children all over the globe. We currently serve children waiting for families in Armenia, Bulgaria, China, Ghana, Haiti, Moldova, and Uganda. Each country has unique requirements for adoption. Children’s Adoption Services helps each family adopt from the country that they feel is right, navigating the complexities of international adoption.



Children’s Adoption Services has one of the oldest adoption programs in Armenia. Armenia offers a wonderful child-center adoption program in which families interact with their children between trips.



Bulgarian agencies and the Ministry of Justice provide updated, comprehensive information about each child to prospective adoptive families and to families matched with a child.



The China program is one of Children’s Adoption Services’ oldest programs. Ever since China opened its doors to international adoption, it has remained one of the top sending countries for adoptive families.

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Children’s Adoption Services works closely with our partner attorney and the Ecuadorian Central Adoption Authority to walk you through the entire adoption process. Children reside in residential care facilities and families are provided with diagnostic information for any medical and developmental needs. The adoption process requires 1 trip to country lasting 8-10 weeks and the entire adoption process can be completed in 1-2 years.

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Children’s Adoption Services is the first international adoption agency approved in Ghana under the Hague Convention! At this time, our pilot program is almost at capacity.



Children available for adoption in Haiti are aged 1 year or older at the time of referral, sibling groups, older children (6+), and children with special needs.



Children’s Adoption Services will work with you to prepare and submit your dossier. When completed, the estimated wait time can range from 2-9+ months.



Children’s Adoption Services has a reputable network of partner orphanages and in-country representatives across Uganda. Few African countries are open for international adoption.

Terry Family

Meet the Terry Family

“Children’s Adoption Services connected us with our daughter, and we are forever grateful! Their staff made our paperwork process smooth, prepared our family for our adventure to Africa, and supported us while we were in country. They were here for us after our adoption, encouraging our family years after our adoption was complete. We would recommend this agency to every family considering adoption!”

Meet Sarah, Jeremy & Maria

Meet Glory Kate

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The world of international adoption is ever changing. At Children’s Adoption Services, we believe that prospective adoptive parents deserve realistic, unbiased, up-to-date information about the options available in the changing world of adoption. While Children’s Adoption Services is in North Carolina, we can assist you and your family throughout every step of the adoption process no matter where you are located throughout the United States.

Since 1993, Children’s Adoption Services has helped more than 5,000 children find their forever home. Our goal is to enable each family to choose their own path in international adoption through our personalized adoptive family preparation and home study process. The adoption process is not easy, but it is more than worth it. Schedule a consultation by calling (800) 632-9312 today to discuss your individual hopes, expectations, and needs with our team.