Spring is in full bloom, and here at Carolina-Children’s Adoption Services, we want to see children around the world blossom and grow into their full potential! For thirty years, our agency has had international adoption programs placing orphaned children into safe and caring families where they have received the support they need to thrive!

As the calendar turns a new month, we want to encourage families considering international adoption to start their journey in one of our program countries with a discounted Pre-Application fee ($200 off) for the month of April. Children are waiting in Ghana, Bulgaria, Armenia, Ecuador, and Haiti for the love of family every child deserves. It is a gift to see children transition into family, become confident sons and daughters, grow in confidence in their abilities, and SHINE in their individual and beautiful lives.

The Difference Adoption Makes

Today we are sharing a story of the difference becoming a daughter made to one of the children adopted through our former international programs. Our agency has worked in over 28 countries in our 30 years. We hope hearing the story of this child’s confidence grow in a short amount of time will inspire you to sign up for one of our international programs:

“A popular picture we shared of our daughter, Sharon, was a before-and-after picture of her. The “before picture” framed her standing in the orphanage just before she met us. The “after picture” displayed how she looked as she had walked as a dearly loved daughter in my care for just three weeks. In the picture on the left, she was wearing a uniform, just like all the other children. She had one sock on and one sock off. She wasn’t smiling. Her hand was holding one of the aunties’ fingers.

But after she’d become a fully adopted daughter, I adorned her with a brand-new dress and threw out the shared, hand-me-down uniform. Her hair, which they shaved because they couldn’t maintain thirty children’s heads, was long enough to style. I had paid a hairdresser to section it off in little ponytails as we waited for it to be long enough to weave braids into.

But it was her demeanor no one could get over. In the first picture, she looked so unsure and afraid. There was almost no emotion in her eyes, just a blank stare. The second photo gave a stark contrast, as she had thrown her hip out to one side, rested her hand on it, and gave the face of a girl with confidence…ok, sass. (Yep, she’s my daughter; it took her three weeks to go from scared to sassy!) There’s nothing wrong with sacred sass, though. An attitude that is so securely loved that she knows who she is and that she’s valuable, so you better not mess with her!”

You Can Be The Difference

The reality is that thousands of children long for the transformation from a family knowing they are loved brings.

In April, we are offering a $200 discount on our application fee to apply to any international placement programs. This month, you can take the first step on your international adoption journey for $300 instead of $500! This fee includes the processing of your application by the international program coordinator. Your application will be reviewed and if you are accepted into the program in which you apply, you will begin your home study this month and be on your way to helping an orphan bloom into knowing they are a beloved son or daughter!


If you would like to schedule a free 15-minute consult with one of our adoption professionals to learn more about adoption, please do so here. If you are ready to get started and fill out the application at the April discount rate, apply here.


We look forward to partnering with you to help another child in the world bloom in the love of family!