Thank you for all you do for all of the families and children you support. We would truly be lost without you.

Family Z

We appreciate all everyone at C.A.S does y’all are amazing.  ❤️❤️❤️

Tyson-Welch family

We had a family adopt several years ago when we had a Peru program. They adopted sibling group and their daughter who recently turned 18 had a school project where the daughter was interviewed by StoryCorps.  The interview was picked up by a radio station and broadcast this past Saturday on a radio station in Chicago.  Click the LINK to hear their story.


Adoption from Peru

“My family’s relationship with CAS was not a one-time business transaction. Our adoption was just the beginning of a mutual friendship. For every child adopted, thousands are left in orphanages across the world. There are so many charities competing for donations, and many are not as dedicated to making sure all proceeds go to those in need. We have focused our fundraising, donations, and our time, to help CAS meet its goals. My involvement as a member of the Board of Directors has given me every confidence in CAS—every employee’s heart is in the right place. We have seen first-hand the difference they make–from providing beds to Haitian orphans to medical care in Guatemala. Please join the effort!”

CAS Board Member