Name: Gustav

Age: 7

Interests: listening to music, playing ball, and watching cartoons

Gustav is a sweet, loving, and somewhat shy 7 year old boy. Gustav is urgently looking for his forever home as he has less than two years to find a forever family who will help him fix his disability!

Gustav was diagnosed with clubfoot.  Clubfoot is treatable if he receives the surgery before age 9. In less than two years, Gustav could find his forever family and have the ability to walk normally.

Gustav is a typical young boy who loves cartoons, listening to music, and loves to play ball with the other kids. Gustav doesn’t let his disability or differences stop him from having fun and doing everyday tasks. Gustav is persevering. He needs a family who believes in him as much as he does himself. Gustav needs a forever family before it is too late. If you have room in your heart please contact us today so we can help Gustav find his forever family!