Children’s Adoption Services will work with you to prepare and submit your dossier. When completed, the estimated wait time can range from 2-9+ months.

It is required that prospective parents be present at the hearings in Moldova, and then at least one parent must remain in-country while waiting for the adoption decree approval. This first trip will last approximately 6 weeks. After receiving approval, you will take a shorter trip 1-2 months later to finalize the adoption and bring your child home. Your second trip will last 3 weeks.

During your second trip, you will apply for your child’s passport at the Moldovan passport office and then complete your child’s visa processing at the US Embassy.

More About the Children

The Moldovan adoption program places children who currently reside in orphanages. Children in Moldova waiting to be adopted encompass a wide range of backgrounds. Children 2 years and older with special needs are eligible for adoption, as well as older children and sibling groups that do not have any special needs.

About the Country

Moldova is located in Eastern Europe and is nestled between Romania and Ukraine. Moldova was incorporated into the Soviet Union toward the end of World War II. It regained its independence from the USSR in 1991.

Romanian is the most popular language spoken among Moldovans. A high percentage of Moldovans have an ethnically diverse family background, such as Russian, Ukrainian, and Roma. In Moldovan culture, peacefulness, diligence, and hospitality are highly valued.

The temperate continental climate in Moldova lends itself to an agrarian culture. However, natural resources are limited in the country. Moldova is one of Europe’s most economically challenged countries. CAS has a well-established humanitarian aid program in Moldova, as well as a sponsorship program for Moldovan students.

What to Expect when Traveling

When traveling in country, you will be met by a representative at the airport who will guide you through your adoption process. You will have the option to stay in an apartment or hotel.  Your time spent in Moldova will be a wonderful opportunity to experience your child’s culture and country first-hand.