Where do I start?

We know adoption is not an easy choice, but it is a beautiful option.


Speak to a CHOICES Team Member

Meet with a member of our CHOICES Team in person, via phone, or text!  We meet you where you feel the most comfortable! Our team is dedicated to supporting you, empowering you, and assisting you navigate ALL of your options. We are here to walk alongside you to answer your questions, provide you with resources, and help you to never feel alone.

Explore your options.

We are here to assist you in navigating your options whether that is continued parenting, family or friend placement, or adoption. We want you to feel confident in your decision regarding what’s best for you and your child, not just now, but 20 years from now.

Make an adoption plan.

If making an adoption plan is the best choice for you and your child, we will help you navigate the steps and ensure that you never feel alone. You decide your adoption plan, your hospital plan, and your desired contact after the adoption. Who would like to be present at the hospital, what type of delivery are you desiring, would you like open, semi open, or closed adoption plan? Your choice.

Pick an adoptive family!

We assist you with identifying the family that would be the best fit for your child. All of our waiting families have been reviewed and approved.

YOU pick the family! You can also choose to meet the family!

Adoption consent.

We will help you complete a consent to the adoption after the birth of your child in NC, SC, and VA


Adoption support/contact.

We provide support throughout your pregnancy, after your delivery, and after your adoption. We provide support via housing resources, emotionally support, transportation, medical assistance/resources, financial support, employment referrals, counseling referrals and so much more! We want to assist you with identify the goals that you have for your life and help you obtain those goals!