Finding Resources

We want to ensure that birth mothers have all the support and information

they need on their pregnancy journey.

We work with a network of providers and organizations to help you meet your needs.  We can make referrals to mental health, housing, medical care, substance abuse treatment, job counseling, and more.  We are here to empower you!


We are committed to making each experience completely individual for each person we serve.


Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy can feel overwhelming. You don’t have to face it alone.


Carolina Adoption Services provides a variety of adoption services and support for its families.

What are all my options?

There are many options for you as an expectant parent. You can choose to parent or choose a designated family member to parent. You can also choose adoption from a family member or other family. When choosing adoption you can choose how open or closed your adoption can be. You also have other options such as abortion or foster care. Contact us at Carolina Adoption Services to look at your options and resources as we support the best future for you and your child. Text, Call, or Meet for Support 24/7 at (336) 483-4081 

Does Adoption cost me anything as a birth mom?

No! At Children’s Adoption Services, birth families do not pay fees to our agency for any part of the process. We are here to support YOU as you make this decision and navigate this time in your life.


What kind of support can I expect at the birth of my baby at the hospital?

The Carolina Adoption Services team will be present with you as you request. We will be there to support you and your baby throughout the birthing process according to the plan that you design and best supports the future for both you and your baby.


Do I have to go through this alone?

No! At CAS, we will walk with you throughout his process and your decision. Whether you choose to parent or make an adoption plan, we want you to know that Carolina Adoption Services is always here for you-through your celebrations and your grief.


What if the birth father and/or my family does not support my decision to choose adoption?

At CAS, we work with birth families as they navigate the best choice and decision for your family and child. We would be happy to explore these options with the birth father as well, and encourage birth fathers to be part of this process. Adoption is your choice. You are the only one that can decide what is the best option for you and your baby. We can assist you with communicating with your family about your reasons for choosing adoption and help you find supports in your life that do support your decision.


How do I know my child will be well cared for?

You are the one making the decision for the future of your child. With our agency you may select the family and choose how open and closed the adoption can be. If you choose an open adoption you may meet the family. If you choose a closed adoption the family will be screened and trained in order to provide the best possible future for the child. Our evaluation includes background checks, abuse checks, finances, medical records, etc. After you have placed the baby with the adoptive family of your choice, our agency can provide photos, updates, and visits if choosing an open adoption. As the birth parent you can continue to have information on the journey of your child if you choose. You are the one who makes this decision and we will walk with you every step of the way.