Explore your Choices

If you make an adoption plan, YOU decide the contact, communication, and relationship that you would like to have with the adoptive family after the adoption process is completed. All contact is facilitated by the CHOICES team so that you and the adoptive family can continue to build relationships throughout your child’s life.

  • Parenting

  • Adoption by family

  • Abortion

  • Temporary Guardianship

  • Adoption through CAS

Open Adoption

Typically this includes regular visits with the family, telephone calls, updates, and/or photos.

The frequency and type of communication is chosen by YOU and the adoptive family.

Semi-open Adoption

Typically this includes regular updates and photos through each year either via text, email, and/or mailed. The frequency is chosen by YOU and the adoptive family.

Closed Adoption

Typically this does not include any form of communication or interactions with the adoptive family.

Your Choice. Your Plan.

It is your choice and decision to decide what your adoption plan looks like.  You also have the choice to change your mind about the openness and/or frequency as time goes on.