Adopting in Moldova

Children’s Adoption Services has a long history of partnership with Moldova. Once your dossier is submitted, adoptions may be completed in one year, especially for waiting children. During your in-country travel, there are plenty of opportunities for bonding visits.

Children Available for Adoption:

  • Children ages 2 years and older with special needs
  • Older children and sibling groups who are considered healthy

Parent Requirements:

  • Married couples at least 25 years old and married for at least 3 years
  • Single women 25 years or older
  • Adoptive parents must be between 18 to 48 years older than the adoptive child

Travel Requirements

  • Two trips to Moldova
    • First Trip: 6 weeks
    • Second Trip: 3 weeks
  • There will be 1-3 months between trips

Adoption Timeline

  • 2 to 9+ months from dossier to referral
  • 2 to 4 months from referral to first trip