sibling adoptionVivian is a sweet and social 14 year old girl. She is currently in the 7th grade and her favorite subjects are English and Physics. Vivian has many friends who she enjoys hanging out with and picking plums with (which are plentiful during plum season!).

In her free time, Vivian enjoys reading, listening to music, and singing. She also really enjoys cooking and some of her favorite things to cook are beans, lentils, and a traditional local dish of meat and potatoes. Vivian says she would like to learn how to swim, have her own cellphone, and wants to be a waitress when she grows up!

Vivian is the oldest of 6 siblings- Brynn (9), Aiden (6), Brooke (5), and twins Zack and Micah (4). If your family dreams of having a home full of love and laughter and having room for this fun-loving sibling group, please contact us today!